New Year's Eve: Christina & Christopher Style! {Dec. 31, 2012}

Christina & Christopher's wedding was our last wedding of 2012... and sort of our first wedding of 2013, all in one! They were married New Year's Eve at TJ Smith's Victorian House in East Bridgewater. If you have ever had the pleasure of attending a wedding at TJ Smith's, then you can surely imagine what a wonderful time was had by all. For starters, take a look at this first photo, and see if you can guess what the groom does for work... Ahoy! Not every bride can say she has her groom's occupation on her toe!

The ceremony was held at TJ Smith's quaint on location chapel, as family and friends  gathered to ring in the New Year and celebrate the newly married couple.

Christina & Christopher exchange vows at TJ Smith's Victorian House chapel.


This shot has the look of "classic" and it's the Navy uniform that does it! Thank you for your service, Christopher.


Christina, Christopher and Travis, all smiles, all happy and all perfect.

There was plenty of dancing and entertainment all night long, thanks to DJ Arthur Calabro. The first dance is always the most memorable.

Capturing the first dance when they don't know you  are capturing it makes for the best photo, wouldn't you agree?


Never a dry eye when it comes to the father/daughter dance.


Could a mom possibly look any happier than what you see here?

There is something about this photo that really captured my attention. The pride you can see in Christina's mom's face actually seems to have traveled to Christopher. Is that even possible? You decide.

Some photos tend to emote in a way that truly holds a moment in time forever.

Let's not forget... this was New Year's Eve! There may have been some really cool music being played. There may have been some really amazing dancing going on. (If you were at the wedding, I suggest you ask Christina and Christopher for the link to all their wedding photos...) And yes, there may have been some colorful masks, some interesting hats and other props floating around...

The groom changed from his Navy uniform to a smart black suit for a New Years kiss with his new wife.


And yes, they are even more gorgeous with the masks off!


We were honored that Christina and Christopher choose Photo & Video by Joe Goldsberry to capture their wedding, and to share this night with their family and friends. One last photo, and this one they specifically asked for...

Happy New Year!

Ceremony and Reception Venue: TJ Smith's Victorian House

Photography: Photo & Video by Joe Goldsberry

DJ/Entertainment: Arthur Calabro

A Tuesday Wedding? Why Not?!

After over 30 years in the wedding industry, we're seeing a new trend starting to emerge. The weekday wedding. And we say... "Why not?!" There are seven days in the week, and where is it written that you can only celebrate your wedding day on three of those days? When Nir and Yamit first came to us looking for a wedding photographer, they hadn't even decided on a venue yet. The one thing they knew for sure was they would be married on a Tuesday. A weekday wedding made it easier for family and friends who were not local to attend. This would be out first Tuesday wedding, and another first for us - we were able to recommend the venue to the couple (usually the first thing a couple books). And so it was set, the ceremony and reception to take place at The Easton Country Club. We were also able to recommend a great videographer for the couple, Cupid Productions, via our special photo/video package.

So now you are wondering, a Tuesday wedding? How many people really come out for a Tuesday wedding? I can tell you (and I can show you, via photos) that this wedding was no less full of love, laughter and excitement than any of the other hundreds of weddings we have shot. Family and friends from all over showed up to wish Nir and Yamit well, and to bear witness to their union as man and wife.

And so, while we can't predict if the weekday wedding will become a new trend or just an occasional event, we can tell you that we do already have our next one booked for June, 2012. Stay tuned...