Geoff Diehl

Michele McPhee Book Signing {Cameron's on the Green}

We were honored to have been asked to photograph a fundraiser for our town's state representative, Geoff Diehl, held last night at Cameron's on the Green in East Bridgewater. The night was off to a great start with a packed house, as Geoff thanked all the attendees, he mentioned he was happy to see so many familiar faces but he was also humbled by all the new faces he saw who came out to support him.

Every fundraiser has a draw, and this night was no exception. WRKO morning host, award-winning journalist and best-selling author Michele McPhee came down to the South Shore to speak on Geoff's behalf. She had the crowd's full attention as she spoke about some of the current events going on in Massachusetts, pointing out that you can't be afraid to fight the good fight. Her memorable quote of the night, borrowed from Tip O'Neill, was "All politics is local", especially thanking Geoff Diehl and some other local politicians in attendence for helping to bring balance back to the state house.

After addressing the crowd, Michele took photos with guests and signed her books, and all the time discussing the issues that affect all of us on a day-to-day basis.

A great time was had by all, with supporters showing up and packing the house from start to finish. The night finished off with a silent auction that saw many of the supporters going home with great prizes.

A handmade "elephant" hat was possibly the most sought after silent auction offering of the night.

A big thanks to State Rep Geoff Diehl and author Michele McPhee for asking us to photograph this very important event.

Plymouth County GOP 3rd Annual Recognition Breakfast

We were asked to photograph the Plymouth County GOP 3rd Annual Recognition Breakfast, held at the Monponsset Inn, and consider it an honor to have been able to capture some very important local political figures. We got some great shots of Senator Scott Brown, Plymouth Country Sheriff Joe McDonald, State Rep Geoff Diehl, and many of the honorees in attendance. What made the event even more full of life and fun were all the kids that came along with their parents. You might not think that this could be such a family event, but you'd be wrong!

Plymouth County Sheriff Joe McDonald said a few words, and one of his daughters came up to the podium with him.

Senator Scott Brown poses with Emily Diehl and her dad, State Rep. Geoff Diehl.

The special honor of "lifetime achievement award" went to former State Rep. Ned Kirby.

Thanks to the Plymouth County GOP for asking Photo and Video by Joe Goldsberry to capture their very special event.