beach photos

First came love, then came marriage...

... and here comes Casey and Chuck with a baby carriage. Well, the baby carriage will start getting some serious use in about 2 months. Their daughter is due to make her debut early July.

I think it's safe to say that Photo & Video by Joe Goldsberry is the official photographer for the Dobbins family. We first met them waaaaaaaaaaay back in early 2009. Having been chosen to photograph their wedding, it was off to Rexhame Beach for some engagement shots, one of which also became their seating chart.

Casey and Chuck were married at The Church of the Holy Ghost in Whitman, and then celebrated their new life together with family and friends at the Halifax Country Club.

Over the years, we've always stayed in touch with Casey & Chuck. We've shot other weddings they have attended. Casey has been math tutor to our daughter. And Chuck's dad happens to sling the best pastrami anywhere at Chucky D's Hot Dogs and More. So it's only natural that they would ask us to do their maternity photo shoot. We went down the Cape to Sandwich, where Casey grew up. Back to basics with a beach shoot for some truly amazing shots of two truly happy people.

We took some of their ideas, and some of our ideas, and ended up with a great combination of photos that have generated more "likes" and comments than any other album of photos we have put on FaceBook.

We can't wait to photography Baby Dobbins, as she has come to be known. We're almost as excited as mommy and daddy are for her to make her way into the world. It's such a cool feeling when a couple who came into your life as clients become friends.

Stay tuned, because I have a feeling Baby Dobbins will be an entire blog post when she gets here...

Just an update to add some "in studio" photos that came about after the on location shoot.

These "Belly Banners" are handcrafted by a Maine artist named Maria Lothrop out of her studio called GossamerScapes. They're not only great for maternity photo sessions, but what a unique keepsake for years to come. Find them on FaceBook.

This baby will be here before mom and dad know it!