jason varitek

Thanks for the memories, Capt'n

Sounds like it's official - our favorite Red Sox catcher, #33 Jason Varitek, will announce his retirement on Thursday. It's bittersweet, because we'll miss him at the games we make it to this season. However, if Varitek knows it's time to retire, we have to totally respect that.

We just wanted to share a few shots of Varitek we have taken over the years. We hope you enjoy them as much as we do.

We've been to Camden Yards a few times (Fenway South), and we've taken many photos there. We highly suggest the ballpark tour, if you ever get down there.

Another game at Camden Yards, Cash caught most of this game but Varitek came in near the end.

Tropicana Field in St.Pete is said to have the closest seats to home plate of any MLB field (50 feet). Yeah, we were about that close for this photo.

Thanks for all the great memories, Capt'n. Enjoy a well deserved retirement.