kustom kissers

Small business can be BIG!

Being a small business can be tough these days. We've all seen local shops in business one day, and then see the dreaded "for rent" sign in their window the next. It's tough out there for the little guy! (or girl...) One of the things Photo & Video by Joe Goldsberry prides itself on is the work we do for other small businesses. We've done really cool videos for companies that sell unique products, like a nail polish remover that keeps the acetone off of your skin, and a company that markets underwater dog physical therapy (aquatherapy for pups!).

We've also done some great still photography for companies like Mitetees. Mitetees is a small local business that makes and sells custom onsies and shirts for babies, children and even the pregnant mom.

We do some of the modeling photography for Mitetees, but some of the photos are just babies who happen to be lucky enough to have received a Mitetees shirt as a gift!

It's not all t-shirts and babies. We've done photo shoots for among other things, a local golf supply company, and a local marinade/sauce company (Georja's Gourmet Sauces). Not every small business is local, either. The company that makes the personalized lip balms we photographed, Kustom Kissers, is located in Arizona.

Professional photos and videos really can be the difference between making or breaking your small business. Give Photo & Video by Joe Goldsberry a call today and find out how we can help your business. It's probably more affordable than you think, and when it helps your business thrive, it becomes priceless.

A wedding favor that won't get left behind...

When you've been in the wedding business as long as we have, you've seen every wedding favor known to mankind. Some are, oh let's say interesting. Some are cool, awesome, kitschy, unique, useful, sui generis... and some (many) just get left behind. Let's face it, there are only so many ways you can display Jordan Almonds in a fashion that prompts people take them home. When I found Kustom Kissers on a wedding vendor forum, I knew I was on to something special, something different, and something I'd want to talk about. I actually won my first order of lip balms on their blog contest (the ultimate "try before you buy") and yet, I was so impressed with the all around quality (packaging, photo quality, the lip balm itself) that I was sold, and placed a second order. I give them out at venue open houses/tastings, and I also sent a couple of them to each couple featured on the lip balm. (Let me tell you - that was a HIT!)

I love supporting another small business, and Heather at Kustom Kissers fits the bill of small business extraordinaire, even from clear across the country from us (she is located in Arizona).

Photo and Video by Joe Goldsberry were happy to send back a few photos of the final product, because when something is great, we want to make sure everyone hears about it (or sees it!)