newborn baby

Top 10 Reasons to Have the Photo Studio Come to YOU!

We here at Photo & Video by Joe Goldsberry are quite proud that we are successful enough to have a storefront/studio in downtown Whitman. We can photograph you and your family right in our studio, or we can meet you at a local park or other location for an on location shoot. But there are some portrait sessions that simply must to be brought right to your house. A newborn baby session is the perfect example, and little Lainey is here to tell you her top 10 reasons she is glad that Photo & Video by Joe Goldsberry came to her house recently for her portrait session. #10: You can just stretch out and make yourself at home, well, because you ARE at home.

#9: You can keep daddy close by for a reassuring snuggle.

#8: If the baby kicks and your wedding rings go flying, at least you know they're SOMEWHERE in your own house.

#7: If you happen to have a pup, he might make a cameo appearance into the shot at any time, and that's ok!

#6: You're more likely to get an awesome candid shot like this:

#5: If it all just gets to be too much, you can let it out and cry. No one will "shhhhhhhh" you.

#4: You never know, you're photographer might sneak in a personal photo of something special from your house.

#3: Bare feet aren't just ok, they're encouraged!

#2: You can change your outfit as many times as you like, including into clothes that represent MiteTees personalized shirts and Angel Cake Tutus.

And the #1 reason to have the photography studio come to you... cause baby, when it's time to nap, it's time to nap. And nobody tells you "no"!