old VHS tapes

The life of a VHS tape (or "The end of your memories")

There is a big trend on the horizon, and we have already seen it starting. It's about converting your VHS tapes onto a DVD format. VHS tapes simply don't last forever. Most experts estimate they will remain playable for somewhere between 15-25 years, depending on how they are stored. Imagine your wedding, your parent's wedding, your kids from baby to grade school and then graduating high school. Now imagine the only audio and video record you have of those memories, gone forever. It happens all too often, and yet it's so easily avoided. All you need to do is gather all your VHS tapes and bring them in to Photo and Video by Joe Goldsberry for conversion to DVD. We do all our work in-house, so you can feel confident knowing your tapes will never have to take the chance of getting lost in the mail. Most of the larger companies, like CVS and Walgreens, do send them out to yet a larger company. Imagine, they charge twice as much, take twice as long, and on top of that, your tapes could potentially be lost.

We are proud to say we have the lowest prices around. The prices go even lower as your quantity of tapes goes up.

We are delivering a wedding video VHS to DVD conversion today that was shot 15 years ago (shot by Joe Goldsberry!) The bride's mom and dad have both since passed away, and today she will get to see them come alive once again, reliving her dad walking her down the aisle and seeing her mom dance the night away.

Photo and Video by Joe Goldsberry (formerly known as Videography by Media Concepts) also has a very special offer that can't be beat. If you (or anyone you know) had their wedding filmed by Joe Goldsberry and delivered on VHS, bring it in to our studio at 29 Church St., Whitman, and we will made a DVD copy for you at no charge. There are literally hundreds of weddings, dating back to 1981, filmed by Joe Goldsberry and sitting on shelves in VHS format, just waiting to come to life again on DVD.

We are happy to take orders as small as one VHS tape, to as many as you have. We did an order this past December that included just over 100 VHS tapes. Give us a call at 774-240-1152 if you have any questions about VHS to DVD transfers, and then gather up your tapes.