seating charts

Please, have a seat!

One of the later aspects of wedding planning is a seating plan for the guests at the reception. People can sometimes get quite creative when it comes to showing their guest where to sit. We've all seen the pretty little place cards, directing people to their table number, such as these little bow tied cards.

At Photo & Video by Joe Goldsberry, we've taken the "where to sit" to a whole new level by offering our custom seating charts. They are custom-made for each client, and limited only by your imagination. We don't use templates, and that makes them like snowflakes. (No two are alike!)

The photo we use can be one we took if we did your engagement session, or it can be a photo that you provide. (Photos from other professional photographers must have a print release from the photographer to be used). We've done both horizontal and vertical, and our size choices are 16X20, 20X30 and 24X36. You can have your seating chart made as a print that you can frame, or we can have it mounted onto a foam core backing for you.

Check out the guest list from our "prototype" seating chart. We only attended this wedding in our head.

We have a few of these charts at our studio in downtown Whitman, so if you are in the area and want to see what they look like in person, stop by. Check out a few examples and pricing of our custom seating charts, and let us know what you think of them.