Welcome to our blog!

Hello and welcome! If you are taking the time to read this, you have found the brand spanking new blog for Photo & Video by Joe Goldsberry, and we want to thank you for stopping by and taking a peek. Photo & Video by Joe Goldsberry is a small business with a studio/store front in downtown Whitman, Mass. You may have heard of Whitman- it's where the Toll House cookie was invented (what we now call the chocolate chip cookie).

With this blog, we plan to keep our readers entertained and educated with our beautiful photography, our engaging videos, and posts about the photo, video and wedding industry. We'll be writing about topics that you didn't even think to ask about (but you'll be glad we did!) and we'll invite guest bloggers to come on from time to time. We'll introduce you to other local (and sometimes not so local) small businesses, people we do business with and have come to trust.

A little bit about us. Photo & Video by Joe Goldsberry is owned by Joe Goldsberry (as you could imagine). We are a small company who takes customer service very seriously. We strive to treat every client as we would expect to be treated, and we also endeavor to help educate our clients, so they receive the best service and the best end product possible.

Our studio/store front is located at 29 Church St. in Whitman. We keep regular posted business hours, but being a small business, we also see clients during off hours by appointment, when requested. We provide professional photography and videography for weddings and other events, as well as studio and on location portraits and corporate services. We also provide a tape to DVD service in-house which is currently seeing a boom, as people are finding all their old home movies, dance recitals and their own wedding on tapes that they can no longer watch. We are also a full-time business, which is a great asset to our clients.

Joe is assisted by his wife, Denise, in day-to-day operations as well as marketing and customer service. We hope you will enjoy the photos, videos and posts that will follow, and share our blog with your families and friends. We welcome your input and questions, and look forward to a great blogging experience.