Babies, and children and families... Oh my!!!

When you think of getting your family photos done, whether it's just the new baby all by herself, or the whole family, where are going? For so many people, the first thing that comes to mind is the department store photographer. Let's look into this and start a discussion. The history of department store "photographers" was simply to get families into the store to spend some money, and not so much on the photos, but in the store itself. (Surely you have noticed the department store photographer is usually located at the back of the store? That's not just a coincidence.)

Often it's assumed that the department store photographer is the "cheap" way out, with the $9.95 come on price. When is the last time you or someone you know left with photos for $9.95? One of our recent clients who made the switch from department store to professional photographer told us they ended up spending over $400, and they were less than thrilled with the photos. All too common, they were hit with the hard sell pitch of "Ohhhhh, how could you say "no" to THIS one? Or THIS one?" And $400 later, they left with an envelope of photos that they didn't really care for, but were made to feel guilty for not caring for them. Sound familiar?

This would be a good time to show how Photo and Video by Joe Goldsberry does it... This photo was taken at their home with a simple portable white background.

Another common complaint we have been hearing from moms and dads of very young children is the frustration the child feels being cooped up in the back of the department store, expected to smile on command. That frustration shows through in the photos. Here, little Kyla has run of the Whitman Town Park, which brings out her natural smile in a relaxed way.

I think every family has some of those "department store photographer" photos, and it may do you good to pull them out and compare the lighting, the poses, the background, the color and the composition to some of our photos.

Consider a professional photo shoot with Photo and Video by Joe Goldsberry at our studio in downtown Whitman, at a nearby park or even at your home. You'll be pleasantly surprised with our pricing, and you'll be thrilled with the quality and personal service you get from a professional photographer like Photo and Video by Joe Goldsberry.

If you don't believe us, just ask Maddie...