Bethany & Chris: A Winter Wedding Wonderland {February 16, 2013}

My wedding blog posts are usually chronologically presented, but with a title like "A Winter Wedding Wonderland", I have to "WOW" you right out of the gates and go a little out-of-order. Ready? Set... Bethany & Chris outside of the Holiday Inn, Rockland, with the snow making the most amazing background and foreground.

I can't leave it at just one. I have to sneak in another outdoor photo in the snow.

It's never cold when you are with the one you love.

Now we can go back to the beginning and start with the ceremony. Bethany and Chris were lucky with the wedding date they picked. It was one week after the big blizzard, and just enough snow to make everything a little prettier. Their ceremony and reception were both held at The Holiday Inn, Rockland.

Family and friends look on as Bethany & Chris exchange vows.


Hand in hand, man and wife.

Stealing some time away for husband and wife photos after the ceremony, before the reception, and during that magical time when Bethany & Chris realize... we're married!

A moment alone on the grand staircase at The Holiday Inn.


Making time to show of the new bling.

After the introduction by their DJ, Tim Kane from Blue Line Entertainment, Bethany & Chris fall into their first dance.

Uplighting always adds a little extra something to the first dance.


Bethany & Chris are simply lost in each other during their first dance as husband and wife.

The parent dances are always a special and emotional time for the parent to spend a few moments with their now adult child and reflect.

Bethany and her dad dancing as Chris looks on from the background.


Chris and his mom shared smiles, laughs and maybe some tears during their dance.

Bethany & Chris had a wedding cake that was just beautiful, colors that complimented and coordinated with the rest of the wedding, and looked almost too good to cut.

A great shot of the the wedding cake "before"...


... and during the traditional cutting of the cake.

Later in the night, Bethany changed from her traditional wedding dress into a fun "dance the night away" wedding dress, and just had to get away for a few minutes with her girls...

Bethany and her girls stealing a few minutes away, back in the suite...