The Hard Rock Cafe Boston + a Bon Jovi tribute band + raising $$ for a very important cause = this blog post

We have a friend who fronts a local Bon Jovi tribute band. Joe and I have been meaning to catch their show for quite some time now. The last time we almost made it, I had tickets the same night for Weird Al at the Zeiterion Theater. Having finally caught Living on a Bad Name's show last Friday night, I now believe Weird Al would have been ok with me missing his show. Part of the reason we made this particular show was that it was a fundraiser for juvenile diabetes. Juvenile diabetes (also known as Type 1 Diabetes) is a real nasty malady. While it can strike at any age, the onset is more common to occur in childhood. When Type 1 Diabetes strikes, your pancreas no longer produces insulin. Ever. You are now dependant on daily insulin injections, monitoring your blood sugar 4-6 times per day, and regulating your carbohydrate intake and any energy you exert.

Day Tripper Entertainment hosted the show at the Hard Rock Cafe in Boston with a showcase of entertainers that included Dennis Stephen of The Lennon Show, Mike Slater as Elvis, Sharon DiFronzo's Pat Benatar tribute, and Living on a Bad Name. Every act was on their game, ready, willing able to give their all to help raise some money for JDRF.

We were thrilled to join in the fun and capture Living on a Bad Name in action.

I think those who were seeing Living on a Bad Name for the first time were blown away by their amazingly accurate and flattering tribute to Bon Jovi. Once you get past Ken Pittman being about a half-foot taller than Jon Bon Jovi, and you ignore that Ken is left-handed, you are in total Bon Jovi dreamland. I bet Ken even takes Advil for his aches and pains.

Check out our montage of the action, and mark your calendars for Living on a Bad Name's next show.

The band is made up of Ken Pittman on lead vocals, his son, Keith Pittman on drums, Ethan Brosh on guitar, John Miker on bass and Scott Poole on the all important (for a true Bon Jovi sound) keyboards. Check them out on FaceBook, become a fan, and catch their show.