How important is a professional wedding video?

Survey says: less than 30% of couples hire a professional wedding videographer. The reasons are endless as to why people are against having a professional wedding video. Before the wedding:We can't afford it. (That's usually an automatic assumption in most cases.) We'll just have a friend tape the important parts. (Isn't the whole day important?) We'll never watch it. (Are you sure? Wouldn't your children would love to watch it someday? Your grandchildren...) Ugh! Those bright lights!! (Not when you hire Photo & Video by Joe Goldsberry.) Videographers? They are so obtrusive! (see above...)

And after the wedding: I wish I could remember your brother's speech! It brought everyone to tears! My dad was CRYING during our dance? I didn't notice! I can't believe gramma got out of her wheelchair and danced! I wish I could see that again! I missed WHAT during the cocktail hour? No way! I wish I could have seen THAT! Wow, who knows when everyone will be together like that again!

The one and only thing Marge Simpson went back into a burning house for? Yup. Her wedding video.

Ask someone who had a professional videographer film their wedding why they had it done, and what it means to them now. Take 2 minutes to watch this video we put together that brings it all together, and truly showcases why a professional wedding video will become such an important part of your family history. We made this video a few years ago, yet the message is still as strong as ever. Share this post with your engaged friends, and let them know why those who are on the fence about having their wedding filmed should give us a call to find out more.